The Prosecution Service is governed under the Sindh Criminal Prosecution Service (Constitution, Functions and Powers) Act, 2009. The main functions of the Prosecution Service are to conduct the prosecution in criminal cases on behalf of the State. The Prosecution Service is headed by the Prosecutor General Sindh (BS-20), who appears in High Court and the Supreme Court. He is assisted by the Additional Prosecutors General (BS-19), Deputy Prosecutors General (BS-18) and Assistant Prosecutors General(BS-17). In the Districts the Prosecution Service is headed by the District Public Prosecutors (BS-19). They are being assisted by the Deputy District Public Prosecutors (BS-18) and Assistant Deputy Public Prosecutors (BS-17). In the Anti-Terrorism Courts, Anti-Corruption Courts and Anti-Encroachment Courts, the Prosecutors are posted by the Law Department with the approval of Law Secretary in consultation with the Prosecutor General. The Prosecutor General has the overall control upon the Prosecutors in the Province. The transfers and postings of the Law Officers is also made with the approval of Law Secretary in consultation with the Prosecutor General. Appeals against acquittal of accused persons are to be filed on the recommendations of the concerned Prosecutor and the recommendations of the Prosecutor General through Law Secretary with the approval of Law Minister.


  • Optimal attainment of e-Governance culture in the Government Departments for attaining required integrated efficiency and effectiveness by promoting paperless environment.
  • Enhancing participation of the disadvantaged groups of society in government’s decision-making through use of ICT as an enabler.
  • Promoting the number of users impliedly increasing demand of e-Governance.
  • Promoting public-private partnership
  • Implementation of e-Projects.
  • Development of Inter-institutional approach as opposed to institutions working in silos.
  • Capacity enhancement of government agencies for public service delivery benefiting common citizens.
  • Information Sharing.
  • e-Democracy i.e. Promotion of e-election system.
  • Sustainability – Enabling  government departments to sustain the I.T projects.


The rapid development of a Knowledge-based Society is vital to the success and progress of the province.


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